Examples of salary and compensation transparency

Explicit information brought onto moneymoves from job listings

Examples from companies on moneymoves:

Salary information from Chime:

For Colorado based roles: In accordance with applicable law, this role has an annual starting salary of $149,000 plus bonus, a competitive equity package, and benefits (see below). The actual pay may be higher depending on your location, skills, qualifications, and experience.

Salary information from Grammarly:

For Colorado-based employment: The base salary range (excluding equity) for this position is $156,000-286,000/year; however, base pay offered may vary considerably depending on job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. The compensation package includes a wide range of medical, dental, vision, financial, and other benefits, as well as equity.

Salary information from brightwheel:

In alignment with Colorado's Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, the annual cash compensation for this role in Colorado is targeted at $119,000 - $140,000. Final offer amounts are determined by multiple factors including geographic location as well as candidate experience and expertise, and may vary from the amounts listed above.

We use this information in two primary ways:

  1. This information is taken from the job listing and accessible on moneymoves. This allows candidates to compare compensation and salary for business roles in tech on the platform. Centralizing the information makes it easier for candidates to understand the market range.

  2. moneymoves is building the largest database for business roles in tech. As we collate and analyze roles, we create an expected range based on shared skills, tools and experiences. Wherever we do this, we are explicit and clear.

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