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Account Executive


BeeHero is no longer accepting applications for this role.

Business Development

2+ years of exp.

Salary Not Listed

Job Overview from BeeHero

‍We are hiring account managers to introduce the BeeHero Precision Pollination service to almond growers throughout the Central Valley of California. Account managers will develop new and maintain existing business. These positions will report directly to the vice president of sales.


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B2C Sales

Field Sales


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None Listed

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About BeeHero

Logo of the company BeeHero

Pollinate and Prosper

BeeHero maximizes crop yields through precision pollination, combining sophisticated machine learning algorithms with low-cost sensors to stimulate full output potential during peak pollination cycles. By tracking and optimizing pollination in real-time, BeeHero ensures hyper-efficient pollinators that can increase crop yields by 30% on average. Beehero’s platform already enables commercial growers to optimize crop-yield for 70% of major commercial crops.

Sectors: AgTech

Company Size: 1-10

Latest Round: Series B

Total Funding: $66M

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