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Head of Marketing


Marketing · Strategy

Years of Exp Not Listed

$130,000 - $170,000

Job Overview from Dayslice

You are excited to wear multiple hats within marketing (ranging from writing copy and working on positioning to running and scaling experiments across multiple channels.)


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B2B Marketing

Hiring for Marketing Function

Influencer Partnerships

Managing Marketing Teams


SaaS Marketing


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None Listed

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About Dayslice

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Streamline Your Business

Dayslice powers social-first services businesses by automating scheduling, payment, customer management, and lightweight marketing. For many of our users, Dayslice is the empowering reason they’ve been able to move off of services marketplaces, stop paying the marketplace take-rate for every hour they work, and finally own their book of business! Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to independently spin up and grow their services business.

Sectors: SaaS

Company Size: 1-10

Latest Round: Seed or Pre-Seed

Total Funding: $6M

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